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Intelligent IT cleaning products

When you think of industries that are perpetuated by sweat, grime and bacteria, IT is probably not top of your list. Likely you have never considered the grubby side of IT. Yet like any productivity tools, IT equipment can be a gathering place for all types of nasties. Fortunately AllFitness Solutions is a one-stop-shop for all IT cleaning products. Our agile range can flex to fit the cleaning needs of almost any IT equipment, including:

  • Computer and server cords
  • Keyboards
  • Screens
  • Mobile devices
  • iPads

Our smart IT cleaning products even have exceptional generalist sanitisation capabilities throughout your whole office. The truth is there is no escape from built-up dust, grime and germs in any setting. IT zones are no exception. But AllFitness Solutions allows you to get on with business minus any concerns about residual grubbiness. We have brought all your required IT cleaning products together under one roof spanning:

  • IT equipment wipes: capable of cleaning almost any surface imaginable, wipes are among our most versatile IT cleaning products. Implementing groundbreaking one-and-you’re-done technology, IT equipment wipes can be safely and effectively used to sanitise chrome rubber, painted surfaces, metal, electronic displays and bench surfaces. So not only can these wipes keep your equipment in pristine condition, you can use them all around the office from kitchenette to server room. Take it from us: these are destined to become one of your favourite IT cleaning products ever
  • Guide rod wipes: got a sliding mechanism or two among your IT equipment collateral? A swift once-over with our guide rod wipes prevent binding or chattering mechanisms in a heartbeat
  • Disinfectant wipes: shared work stations and equipment is common when it comes to IT. So that means that all grime, bacteria and germs are also shared around among different users. Not with disinfectant wipes on the job though. Just grab a wipe, disinfect the surface with a swift spruce, bin the used wipe and your cleaning work is done
  • Alcohol-free cleaner spray: what could be more handy than a bacteria- and odor-banishing spritz of purpose-made solution shaken up and disbursed in your own spray bottle

AllFitness Solutions is your single-source solution to intelligent IT cleaning products. Visit to learn more.