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IT cleaning products for a sparkling office

IT cleaning products are in hot demand. Just consider how communal many IT solutions are by their very nature. Photocopiers, telephone switch boards, keyboards, iPads, mobile devices and much more. With so many hands using shared IT technologies these productivity tools are a haven for bacteria, grime, smells, dust and much more. Just as well AllFitness Solutions is a one-stop-shop stocking IT cleaning products that answer every hygiene call.

Our IT cleaning products encompass:

  • Equipment wipes: safe and effective to use on a vast range of IT surfaces, equipment wipes are an answered prayer to IT equipment cleaning. Boasting unique one-and-you’re-done technology, these handy little wipes can be put to hard-hitting use on chrome, rubber, metal, electronic displays and many more. As far as IT cleaning products go, these are among the most advantageous and game-changing
  • Guide rod wipes: IT cleaning products frequently include sliding mechanisms and AllFitness Solutions certainly doesn’t leave these wanting. Our IT cleaning products line-up has guide rods covered with custom formulated wipes specifically designed to prevent binding or chattering
  • Disinfectant wipes: remember all those communal IT stations and equipment? Now turn your mind to the grime, bacteria and germs that gather here. This is the reason our IT cleaning products include hard-hitting disinfectant wipes to obliterate such nasties in a jiffy with one-and-you’re-done innovation
  • Alcohol-free cleaner spray: what IT cleaning products range would be complete without a safe yet uncompromising spray? At AllFitness Solutions we kit you out with a pre-measured packet of custom cleaning solution teamed with a reusable spray bottle that you mix together with simple water. What a wonderful way to get rid of unwanted bacteria and odors

IT cleaning products intelligence is all yours when you work with AllFitness Solutions. We have brought all your IT cleaning solutions together under one handy roof. Not only that but we will tailor an individualised IT cleaning strategy to ensure your specific requirements are met. Visit to learn more.