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Just spotless: janitorial cleaning products

Schools, offices, medical clinics, daycare centres – the list could go on forever. Wherever there are people you will find grime, odor and dust. In other words, a significant cleaning job. Just as well AllFitness Solutions has a complete range of janitorial cleaning products to make life easier.

Just by putting janitorial cleaning products to work, you can:

  • Enhance your market standing: no matter what your industry, presentation is key to making a great first impression. Living up to that impression depends on seamless operational efficiency. AllFitness Solutions’ janitorial cleaning products ensure you achieve both
  • Preserve better health: whether you are a school seeking to protect your students from lurgies or a corporate office keen to drive down staff sick days, janitorial cleaning products help you achieve your ends. By banishing bacteria and germs, janitorial cleaning products help preserve good health
  • Reduce operational and maintenance costs: whatever the nature of your business, maintenance and operational outlay are a given. Picking the right janitorial cleaning products will reduce such costs by keeping all productivity tools in tip-top condition. That means more capital kept in your business and less maintenance or replacement costs to wear

It is time to meet AllFitness Solutions’ range of janitorial cleaning products:

  • Alcohol-free cleaner spray: patented nano-polymer technology to guard against dust and grime plus a nifty system comprising cleaning solution and reusable spray canister
  • Equipment cleaner wipes: ensure superior hygiene while markedly reducing equipment replacement and maintenance costs
  • Guide rod wipes: no more chattering or binding equipment. This smart item on the janitorial cleaning products list keeps all equipment sliding mechanisms like new
  • Disinfectant wipes: get rid of bodily germs, bacteria and smells with simple ‘one and you’re done’ wipes system. Grab a wipe, spruce up almost any surface then bin the wipe and voila, your janitorial duties are done with one wipe
  • Alcohol-free hand sanitiser: gentle on skin – tough on bacteria. This great invention is made even better by touch-free dispensers
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitiser: serious protection from hand-borne lurgies and the transfer for such between staff, visitors, clients and more

A full complement of leading janitorial cleaning products are at your disposal right now. Simply turn to your one-stop-shop for hygiene and odor protection: AllFitness Solutions.