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Limber up gym equipment with lubricant wipes

You know that chatter or grinding sound that sets teeth on edge and gym equipment on a downward condition trajectory? Lubricant wipes are here to ensure you need never hear that sound again. Who would have thought that driving down fitness equipment maintenance and replacement costs could be achieved by a simple lubricant wipes solution? Yet Athletix™ Guide Rod Lubricant Wipes smooth out issues out guide rod obstructions.

Fitness equipment works hard. Just as hard as the gym bunnies who use it. Oil, dust and grime inevitably come into contact with guide rods and sliding mechanisms. Yet these grubby substances do not need to linger. Athletix Guide Rod Lubricant Wipes clean and protect guide rod wipes in a simple one-and-you’re-done process. Simply grab one of these nifty lubricant wipes and rub down the guide rods. Voila. A PTFE protective lubricant is applied to the rod surface repelling dust while eliminating accumulated oil and grime. This brings bottom-line business benefits including:

  • Preservation of gym equipment that consistently looks and operates like new
  • Prolonged lifespan of gym equipment with nominal maintenance outlay
  • Vastly reduced cleaning downtime thanks to lubricant wipes single-step application
  • Zero risk of over-application, dripping or running of lubricant wipes come pre-saturated with just the right amount of lubricant
  • Minimal cleaning burden as lubricant wipes can be safely and effectively used by gym patrons and staff alike

Lubricant wipes have yet another key attribute that directly benefits gym owners. These clever innovations are versatile enough to be used on a diverse range of equipment. Put lubricant wipes to work on:

  • Guide rods
  • Elliptical tracks
  • Seat slides
  • Cardio apparatus
  • Strength training machines
  • Pilates and spin equipment

Ready to order your lubricant wipes? Smart move. But why stop there when you can transform your entire gym cleaning regime to save money, time and effort? AllFitness Solutions has a leading end-to-end range of products to answer every call. Think of us as your one-stop-shop fitness cleaning solutions. Find out more at or give us a call directly at 0405 193 699.