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Lubricant cleaner wipes: your one stop shop

Looking into lubricant cleaner wipes? Look no further than AllFitness Solutions for your ultimate answer. Under this single roof you will find:

  • Alcohol-free equipment wipes: say goodbye to hazardous chemical handling, harmful fumes and the risk of equipment damage thanks to over-application. As far as lubricant cleaner wipes go, these little beauties are the efficient eliminators of guesswork. Nasties like sweat, smells, grime and bacteria are vanquished in a trice with these handy pre-saturated virtually odor-free lubricant cleaner wipes. Anyone can safely apply the wipes to almost any surface you can think of. Here is a solution that is even easy on your skin thanks to its smart alcohol-free formulation
  • Guide-rod wipes: one and you’re done. It really is that simple with these lubricant cleaner wipes formulated specifically for those crucial sliding mechanisms on fitness equipment. No dripping, no excess lubricant, no risk thanks to pre-saturation with just the right amount of cleaning fluid. Guide-rod lubricant cleaner wipes are so clever, they even repel dust using innovative PFTE protection. Simply grab a wipe, rub over the guide rods, elliptical tracks, seat slides or other sliding mechanism – then bin the wipe and be on your way
  • Wall-mounted lubricant cleaner wipes dispenser: a simple one-hand grab maneuver is made possible by this center pull dispenser mounted helpfully to your wall. It has never been easier to take lubricant cleaner wipes in hand and sanitise fitness surfaces in within seconds. Smartly presented in transparent grey, a mere glance will tell you and your staff when your lubricant cleaner wipes are running low. Ease and simplicity are the watchwords here
  • Bucket dispenser: does your fitness facility rock that rugged basic look? Time to bring out the bucket. Our lubricant cleaner wipes are effectively housed in this simple yet cost-efficient portable container complete with handle and lid
  • Stainless steel floor stand: when a touch of sophistication is order of the day, this smart floor stand teams high-end presentation with utmost functionality. You will love the preloaded bucket containing high-performance lubricant cleaner wipes plus the hidden waste receptacle
  • Floor stand: when space is at a premium, a standard wall dispenser coupled with freestanding wire stand will be a true gift horse. Now you can have your lubricant cleaner wipes readily to hand with a tiny footprint of only 33x33cm. 

Everything you need for top efficiency and convenience in lubricant cleaner wipes you will find at AllFitness Solutions. Your one-stop-shop for outstanding fitness facility hygiene is here. Speak with us today.