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Lubricant wipes add longevity to fitness equipment

How well your gym performs is directly related to the performance of your equipment. Lubricant wipes are your ace in the hole to keeping your fitness equipment in perfect nick. Wherever you have guide rods or sliding mechanisms, lubricant wipes can work their magic.  Grime build-up, dust accumulation and operating obstructions are literally wiped away. Best yet, it only takes one wipe and mere seconds for anyone to prime your sliding gliding fitness equipment with lubricant wipes.

Your gym is a business so your bottom line is critical. Athletix™ Guide Rod Lubricant Wipes keep more cash flow in your business by driving down equipment maintenance and replacement outlay. With lubricant wipes at work your apparatus will enjoy a much longer operational life. Because lubricant wipes clean as well as protect and preserve, your pristinely presented equipment will be the talk of the town too. What a great advertisement for your business.

No doubt memories of cumbersome cleaning fluids make you shudder. Specialist handling requirements means staff training is needed. Then there are the risks of equipment damage due to over-application or harm caused to people due to incorrect use. Athletix™ Guide Rod Lubricant Wipes eliminate the risks and replace pesky cleaning fluids with a simple innovative system. Absolutely anyone can use lubricant wipes without any special handling knowledge. All you do is take a wipe out of a handy dispenser (probably wall-mounted). Wipe over the guide rods or sliding mechanisms and that is all it takes. Not only is this process exceptionally quick it is also as close as you will get to foolproof. All Athletix™ Guide Rod Lubricant Wipes are pre-saturated to eliminate any possibility of overapplication.

Bid farewell to grinding or chattering sliding mechanisms that only mean dissatisfied gym patrons and equipment maintenance expense. Get onto today to order your Athletix™ Guide Rod Lubricant Wipes. Here you will find your one stop shop for fitness cleaning solutions.