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Lubricant wipes raise the cleaning barre

Barre workout: now here is a name that is lighting up fitness, health and exercise pages around the world. For any gal or guy who has harboured dreams of looking sculpted and sensational in skin-tight leggings, barre is where it’s at. This smart fusion of yoga, pilates and ballet delivers a balanced scorecard of top workout results including:

  • Strength
  • Definition
  • Endurance
  • Flexibility
  • Posture

A barre workout brings exercise bunnies to a balance prop for a feast of isometric strength training and high light reps. While barre aficionados are focusing their thoughts purposefully on their workout motions and muscles, fitness cleaning innovators have been focused on something else. A way to keep the balance bar—that is so essential to barre—clean, hygienic and silky smooth. What have they come up with? Not lightening in a bottle but rather, lightening in a wipe. Lubricant wipes are the fastest most effective way to blitz barre grime from the balance prop.

Like any workout, a barre balance bar is a haven for sweat, odor, grime and bacteria. Lubricant wipes banish these nasties from taking up residence at the bar. But they do much more besides. Lubricant wipes deliver:

  • One-and-you’re-done technology: simply grab a lubricant wipe, spruce over the barre bar, bin the wipe and your cleaning work is done
  • Premium bar protection: upon application, lubricant wipes lay down a PTFE protective lubricant that repels dust while obliterating germs, smells and sweat. So the barre balance prop is kept smooth and sanitary without the need to raise a sweat
  • Freedom from specialist application training: anyone can use lubricant wipes with ease and efficacy. Every lubricant wipe is pre-saturated with just the right amount of fluid so there is no danger of dripping, over-application or damage – to equipment or skin
  • Optimum operational lifespan for equipment: lubricant wipes prolong the life and condition of your barre apparatus

So are you ready to raise the bar in your barre studio cleaning strategy? You want to speak to AllFitness Solutions. Certainly these experts can supply you with leading Athletix™ Guide Rod Lubricant Wipes. Yet as a one-stop-shop fitness cleaning solutions provider, AllFitness Solutions connects you with a full arsenal of quality products to clean your fitness studio from head to toe. Athletix™ Cleaner Spray makes short work of grubbiness or bacteria lurking on yoga mats. Meanwhile Athletix™ Equipment Cleaner Wipes keep almost any surface from weights equipment to locker rooms pristine clean and sanitary. Visit today to learn more.