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Lubricant wipes: the ultimate cleaning solution barre none

Killer combinations are what great outcomes are made of. Here is where barre workouts and Athletix™ Guide Rod Lubricant Wipes are in perfect alignment. Barre is a supercharged combo of ballet, yoga and pilates while lubricant wipes combine pre-saturated wipes, swift one-and-you’re-done innovation and PTFE protective dust barrier. Put these two together and you have all the trappings of workout brilliance.

Barre centres around just that: a balance bar. Using this for isometric strength training and multiple reps, barre afficiandos certainly sweat it out. What does that mean for the balance bar? A host of dirt, body odors, bacteria, germs and much more. Despite being highly focussed on their workout and results, no barre aficionado wants to balance on a filthy bar. Just as well lubricant wipes can save them from doing so.

Lubricant wipes are oh so easy to use. A swift single-use system means you spend less time cleaning the bar and more time filling your barre classes. All you have to do is take a lubricant wipe out of its handy dispenser. Give the balance bar a wipe-down and get on with your barre business. After you have binned the used lubricant wipe of course. In that one deft maneuver, your lubricant wipes will have more than earned their keep. A quick spruce keeps your barre bar in pristine working order and fresh smelling cleanliness.

Just when you thought the virtues of lubricant wipes had been fully enumerated, consider that absolutely anyone can use them. Thanks to each wipe being pre-saturated with the ideal amount of cleaning fluid, your staff and patrons alike can keep the balance bar gleaming.

Athletix™ Guide Rod Lubricant Wipes are certainly a game-changer. Yet these are just one innovative cleaning solution offered by AllFitness Solutions. Meet your one stop shop for fitness cleaning solutions. Jump onto to view the full range on offer. Or call 0405 193 699 to order your lubricant wipes today.