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Meet your most comprehensive cleaning product supplier

What do you want in a cleaning product supplier? How about an across-the-board range of flexible cleaning solutions? Perhaps smart cleaning innovation that makes your life easier? Certainly cleaning products that add direct value to your bottom line must be desirable. Look to AllFitness Solutions for all this and more. We take our role as cleaning product supplier seriously. That’s why we supply only the finest road-tested products delivered by trusted brands like Athletix and Contec.

Every true cleaning product supplier has a multi-faceted choice of solutions on offer. No two businesses are identical so customisable cleaning solutions are vital. AllFitness Solutions hands you a selection spanning:

  • Alcohol-free cleaner spray
  • Equipment cleaner wipes
  • Guide rod wipes
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Alcohol-free hand sanitiser
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitiser

As a leading cleaning product supplier we do not stop with sprays, wipes and sanitisers alone. We go the extra mile to improve the ease and efficiency with which our products deliver. Trust AllFitness Solutions for innovations like wall-mounted touch-free hand sanitiser dispensers and sleek sophisticated floor stands distributing cleaning wipes. We even offer a clever acrylic sign holder to place your message before the eyes of those you want to see it. To us, this is what being a cleaning product supplier is all about: making your life and cleaning easier.

Cleaning product suppliers simply supply product, right? Yes but that does not mean we take and supply all comers. AllFitness Solutions has handpicked the Athletix and Contec brands for their industry leading formulation. Our chosen range is characterised by outstanding application versatility. The wipes and sprays we supply have been custom-formulated to be gentle on surfaces while unforgiving on grime, bacteria and odors. That means we are an ideal choice in cleaning product supplier for a vast array of different businesses. Medical centres to corporate offices, gyms to beauty salons, yoga studios to call centres. AllFitness Solutions is cleaning product supplier to all such businesses and more.

Check out our cleaning product range online today at . Or speak to us today about becoming your cleaning product supplier of choice. We are committed to changing the way you clean for the better.