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Meet your new squad to handle cleaning a gym

Cleaning a gym needs quite a line up of elbow grease right? Not with the right infantry of products to hand. Just wait until you see the AllFitness Solutions line-up. You will never sweat cleaning a gym again. Simply cherry-pick the cleaning products that match your specific needs. Or put the whole kit and caboodle on the job.

How great would it be to enjoy comfort, convenience and time-efficiency when cleaning a gym? Not to mention achieving ruthless elimination of bacteria, sweat and body odors. You’ll find the AllFitness Solutions range satisfies all these needs and more. It simply has never been easier to keep patrons elated at the premium condition and operation of your exercise facility.

Here is what AllFitness Solutions can help you do when cleaning a gym:

  • Eliminate perspiration, bacteria and smells
  • Ensure superior sanitisation of showers, locker rooms and toilets
  • Maintain exercise equipment, particularly guide rods in pristine working order
  • Minimise cross-contamination risk thanks to easy yet effective hand hygiene on the run
  • Eradicate risk of harmful viruses linked to serious health conditions

What are the products behind this cleaning a gym revolution? Brace yourself, there are several of them:

  • Alcohol-free cleaner spray: here’s your ticket to cleaning a gym with no surface damage in sight
  • Equipment cleaner wipes: vastly reduce equipment replacement and maintenance costs while treating your patrons to superior hygiene at every turn. Cleaning a gym as it is meant to be done
  • Guide rod wipes: cleaning a gym cannot be complete without keeping all those sliding mechanisms like guide rods in perfect nick. Now you can put equipment damage and chattering equipment out of your mind
  • Disinfectant wipes: obliterate bodily germs, bacteria and odors from gym equipment. These hard-hitting ‘one and you’re done’ disinfectant wipes system gets the job done
  • Alcohol-free hand sanitiser: gentle on skin while lethal to ‘nasties’. Touch-free dispensers eliminate cross-contamination risk too
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitiser: lurgies frequent gyms and workout spaces then creep onto hands. Banish those nasties when cleaning a gym by keeping patron and staff hands as sanitised as your equipment and hard surfaces
  • Wall-mounted wipes and hand sanitiser dispensers
  • Handy floor stands

Looking for a catchall solution to cleaning a gym? Visit to find out more.