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Meet your one-stop-shop fitness equipment cleaner answer

Fitness equipment cleaner solutions: if this is what you need look no further than AllFitness Solutions. We have a full suite of fitness equipment cleaner products to answer any requirement of your gym, yoga studio or other business. Yes, our fitness equipment cleaner range is so versatile that it delivers exceptional hygiene and cleaning outcomes for diverse businesses. Beauty salons, medical centres, corporate offices, even schools and daycare centres have much to gain from our fitness equipment cleaner collection.

So what fitness equipment cleaners does AllFitness Solutions have on offer? Select from:

  • Floor mat cleaner spray: a santiser, deoderiser and all-around cleaning solution for fitness mats of all descriptions. Yoga mats, warm-up or cool-down mats, even exercise mats. Athletix™ Cleaner Spray is a clever alcohol-free formulation that handles it all
  • Fitness equipment cleaner wipes: a single-hand operation to sanitise equipment and eliminate body odors in a jiffy. Athletix fitness equipment cleaner wipes can be safely put to work on almost any surface from vinyl to chrome, leather to foam, rubber to painted surfaces and metal to electronic displays. Staff and fitness patrons alike simply grab a wipe, spruce the surface and bin the used wipe. That is all it takes to get a powerful sanitiser, deoderiser and cleaner all in one wipe
  • Guide rod wipes: binding or chattering equipment mechanisms are no more. Guide rod lubricant wipes clean and protect all manner of guide rods in a swift one-step process. Because every wipe is pre-saturated with the ideal amount of lubricant, there is no guesswork involved
  • Contec alcohol-based and non-alcohol based hand sanitisers: fitness equipment cleaners are not just concerned with apparatus. What about patrons themselves? AllFitness Solutions offers Contec hand sanitisers to kill 99.9% of common germs within seconds. Just take a helping of sanitiser from the no-touch dispenser, rub hands together and you are done

Your one-stop-shop fitness equipment cleaner solution awaits. AllFitness Solutions has a comprehensive range for gyms, yoga studios, medical practices, offices and much more. Visit to learn more or order your fitness equipment cleaners of choice online today.