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Ode to office cleaning products

Offices should be places of work, not hotbeds of germs and bacteria. Yet without proper hygiene measures offices can become favourite hangouts for nasties. Office cleaning products are the ultimate preventative measure. When it is important to keep a healthy productive workforce, look to office cleaning products for help.

If you think of office cleaning products as cumbersome spray bottles, liquid disinfectant and clutter-making cloths, think again. All Fitness Solutions has a range of highly efficient office cleaning products that come in the form of handy disposable wipes for ultimate hygiene. The beauties of these ‘one and you’re done’ office cleaning products are many, including:

  • Pre-saturation: every wipe is pre-saturated with the ideal amount of cleaning fluid. That makes over-application risk, guesswork and potentially harmful skin exposure things of the past. No specialist skill is required for these office cleaning products. Staff can just grab a wipe, clean down any surface and bin the used wipe in a jiffy
  • Optimum hygiene: re-use of cleaning tools can actually erode the very hygiene these aim to achieve. Not so with disposable office cleaning wipes. Purposely designed for one-time use, you start each clean afresh with a new wipe. That means the very best sanitisation every time
  • Portability: so many office surfaces, so many cleaning requirements. Yet wipe-based office cleaning products go wherever they are needed. Wall mounted dispensers place office cleaning products on hand at work stations, kitchens, lunch rooms, toilets, photocopying rooms – anywhere you like
  • Convenience: the purpose of an office is to be productive. So staff don’t have time to perform laborious cleaning – and neither should they be called upon to do so. Office cleaning products in wipe form get the job done in seconds. Keyboards, phones, productivity tools and more can be meticulously sanitised with no downtime

Cross-contamination of germs, bacteria and general grime will run rampant through your office if you let it. That means more sick days among staff, a less presentable office and altogether unappealing workspace. Not to mention possible costs associated with faltering work tools or communal facilities. All Fitness Solutions’ office cleaning products range puts an end to all that. Order your handy disposable cleaning wipes today or visit to find out more.