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One-and-you’re-done cleaner wipes

Want a smarter swifter way to clean? You can’t beat cleaner wipes. Smart single-use innovation makes these little nifties the ultimate choice in next generation cleaning technology. Cleaner wipes invite you to grab a wipe, spruce almost any surface then bin the used wipe and be on your way. There is:

  • No specialist training or handling needed
  • No risk of damage to surfaces
  • No threat to health or wellbeing of users

AllFitness Solutions cleaner wipes are each pre-saturated with precisely the right amount of cleaning fluid. They really are all set to go. Not only that but you can forget about cross-contamination concerns too. Because every cleaner wipe is made for single-use, there is no risk of transferring germs, bacteria or grime from one surface to another. 

Every business depends on equipment for operational excellence. No matter what your specific equipment, this is pivotal to your business performance. Cleaner wipes preserve and protect your equipment collateral by making it quick and simple to sanitise. Meanwhile, cleaner wipes are safe to use on such a vast breadth of surfaces that you benefit from multi-use innovation.

Cleaner wipes also signal an end to the constantly disappearing, often over-applied communal disinfectant bottles. Now you can place cleaner wipes in a range of wall-mounted dispensers so they stay where they’re needed most in your business.

Now cleaning can be a real double-edged sword. We clean to maintain great hygiene, which in turn leads to better health and wellbeing. Yet modern cleaning fluids are often packed with toxic and chemical nasties that can be harmful to health. Cleaner wipes offer a different story, being:

  • Practically odor-free so you need not worry about strong chemical fumes assailing your nasal passages or the air in your premises
  • Alcohol-free to protect skin from the dryness, flakiness or chapping that so often comes from handling cleaning solutions

But you know the best thing about cleaner wipes? You can use these on almost any surface in almost any business. It doesn’t matter whether you are a gym, yoga studio, medical centre, corporate office, beauty salon, day spa or other organisation altogether. Cleaner wipes have so much to offer your business in terms of cleaning efficiency, cost-effectiveness and reputation.

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