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One Stop Shop cleaning product suppliers

Cleaning product suppliers are not all the same. Some take all-comers so while you may have great choice, whether you get great quality is a lottery. Others offer products that are of sound quality yet decidedly one-dimensional in their applications. All Fitness Solutions stands apart from other cleaning product suppliers because we offer the best of both worlds: a vast range of product choice with intensely versatile applications.

As cleaning product suppliers of choice, All Fitness Solutions is seriously committed to making your life easier. Our broad selection of custom formulations can be put to work on almost any surface in any industry, including:

  • Gyms and fitness centres
  • Health clubs
  • Beauty clinics
  • Medical centres and facilties
  • Yoga studios
  • Corporate offices
  • Child care centres
  • Food and hospitality hubs

One of the reasons All Fitness Solutions is widely considered a shining star among cleaning product suppliers is on the strength of our wipes range. Every wipe is pre-saturated with the exact amount of disinfectant or cleaning fluid required to do the job. No specialist handling knowledge is needed and it’s impossible to over- or under-apply the cleaning solution. That means no equipment damage.

What is more, our range of cleaning wipes are safe and effective to use on almost any surface you can imagine. Acrylic, fiberglass, electronic displays, rubber, ceramic benchtops and much more will yield to the strong yet gentle cleaning power of our cleaning wipes.

Complimenting these agile wipes, AllFitness Solutions brings you a choice of alcohol and non-alcohol based hand sanitzer, wall mounted dispensers and alcohol-free spray cleaner.

Searching for one stop shop cleaning product suppliers? You’ll find what you are looking for in AllFitness Solutions. Visit to learn more or to view our range. You can even order online 24/7. Or if you prefer to speak to your cleaning product suppliers directly, we would be thrilled to speak with you. Reach us on 0405 193 699.