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Optimise office hygiene with disposable wipes

High performing offices depend on healthy staff and optimum time use. Meticulous hygiene is a must in preserving the health and wellbeing of both staff and productivity tools. Yet who has time to perform intensive cleaning in amongst their daily work? If this is a conundrum facing your business, it is time to discover why disposable wipes are a true office star. 

Disposable wipes are an innovative cleaning solution. In a single stroke these handy helpers clean and protect all key office surfaces. You can put disposable wipes to work on sanitising:

  • Desks
  • Workstations
  • Phones
  • Photocopiers and other office equipment
  • Coffee-making facilities
  • Kitchenettes

Ease is just one way in which disposable wipes optimise your office hygiene. Any staff member can just grab a wipe, spruce up the office equipment or surface at hand then chuck the wipe away. There you have enhanced cleanliness and surface protection in mere seconds. Disposable wipes have even more benefits besides:

  • User-friendliness: no specialist handling required with disposable wipes. Pre-saturated wipes mean cleaning and disinfectant liquid is already measured out to perfection. So there is no risk of over-application damage to person or property
  • Mess-free: order is important in any office environment. It helps staff stay focused and productive. Disposable wipes leave no mess or residue behind them by way of distraction
  • Quick: disposable wipes free office members from downtime. No time-intensive scrubbing or elbow-grease required. Instead, instant cleaning gratification is to hand
  • Effective: hard to believe that a process so quick can be ruthlessly effective? Disposable wipes are merciless on germs, bacteria and dirt. So your office can be free from germ transfer while enjoying clean, smart presentation too

Many hands and disposable wipes make light work. Could your office benefit from revolutionary cleaning ease that everyone can contribute too? If so, put the power of disposable wipes to work. Speak to AllFitness Solutions today about their versatile range of disposable wipes.