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Powerhouse range of product for cleaning

Beauty salons, exercise facilities, yoga studios, medical centres, corporate offices: no matter what your business, bacteria is present. So are dirt, odor and germs in some way, shape or form. Just as well AllFitness Solutions ticks every box possible when it comes to product for cleaning. Our comprehensive range includes:

  • Equipment wipes: think of almost any surface you can imagine and equipment wipes are the ideal product for cleaning it. Safe and effective to use on every surface from vinyl to leather, chrome to foam, metal to electronics and all points in between. Versatility and ease of use are the two key virtues that make equipment wipes a true gem of a product for cleaning in any business
  • Guide rod wipes: got sliding mechanisms in your workplace that need a spruce? Guide rod wipes are your perfect choice of product for cleaning a host of surfaces from hairdressing chairs, beauty treatment beds – anywhere that binding or impeded sliding mechanisms could cause headaches
  • Disinfectant wipes: imagine a product for cleaning where you simply grab a wipe, spruce over the surface needing germ obliteration and voila – your cleaning work is done. All that is left to do is bin the used wipe and get on with business. Disinfectant wipes are just such a product for cleaning. Forget cumbersome liquid disinfectants with their associated risks of skin irritation, over-application and equipment damage. Pre-saturated disinfectant wipes can be easily and efficiently used by anyone. No specialist handling required.
  • Alcohol-free cleaner spray: here is a product for cleaning that any business can fall in love with. Whatever the nature of your organisation, you simply cannt avoid some form of bacteria, grime or odor. Alcohol-free cleaner spray eliminates these from the equation without the harshness of alcohol. Simply put the custom solution together with the spray bottle, both of which you will receive in a handy pack. That is all you need to satisfy your cleaning needs

Ready to peruse the full range of product for cleaning? Visit or give us a call directly to discuss your specific cleaning requirements.