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All praise antibacterial gym wipes

Want to know how to make your gym or health club members the envy of all others? Introduce antibacterial gym wipes to your fitness establishment. Just watch competitors’ patrons go green with envy as they remain stuck with paper towels and a spray bottle of diluted liquid disinfectant. Antibacterial gym wipes get the job done in a fraction of the time – and are more effective while they’re at it.

What makes antibacterial gym wipes so ace?

Time is of the essence when it comes to working out. Gym bunnies don’t want to prolong their workout cleaning up after someone else. But they also want and deserve to sweat it out on clean equipment. Antibacterial wipes deliver the best of both worlds. A simple spruce with antibacterial wipes eliminates germs, bacteria and malicious microbes fast. Plus there is no wet, sticky residue left on equipment. But the benefits of antibacterial gym wipes don’t stop there. Other enviable perks include:

  • No need for trained handling: unlike liquid disinfectant, anyone can pick up antibacterial gym wipes and use them without hassle. There is no risk of over-application, user injury or equipment damage. Pre-soaked antibacterial gym wipes ensure all the hard work is done – a swift once-over is all that’s needed
  • Improved patron and staff health: workout facilities are the stamping ground of some serious nasties. But antibacterial gym wipes stop the rampage of skin diseases, infections and serious bacterial illnesses like E-coli or Staphylococcus
  • Enhanced reputation: antibacterial gym wipes get people singing your praises. Clean, hygienic and immaculately maintained equipment goes a long way to closing the book on your competition. Plus patrons will thank you for proactively protecting their health and goals

Antibacterial wipes free up gym staff

Your staff have enough to do. Constantly cleaning sweaty, smelly and germ-ridden equipment is just one more chore they don’t need. So antibacterial gym wipes ensure everyone does their bit. In just three easy steps, patrons can sanitise equipment after use – leaving this ready and waiting for the next person. Such regular cleaning boosts your overall equipment maintenance plan too. 

Antibacterial gym wipes bring a wealth of bottom line business benefits. Order yours today. Speak to AllFitness Solutions on 0405 193 699.