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Pre moistened wipes are pure cleaning pleasure

Pre moistened wipes? Beauty. When you are running a beauty salon, pristine presentation is a must. Yet as everyone knows beauty must go more than skin deep so impeccable hygiene is also an essential. Here is where pre moistened wipes step up to deliver both.

Beauty salons are busy places. With so many treatments and customers to take care of, cleaning can be an added burden. No so with pre moistened wipes. In this savvy cleaning solution you will find convenience, safety and hard-hitting efficiency all rolled into one – and that is a beautiful thing.

Pre moistened wipes come to you all ready to go. You don’t need to worry about outlay for specialist handling or application training as absolutely anyone can safely put pre moistened wipes to work. All the guesswork and legwork has been done for you too. Each pre moistened wipe is already saturated with precisely the right amount of cleaning fluid. No more sweating over the right surface contact time or over application damage control.

One of the great beauties of pre moistened wipes is their versatility. Whatever surface you wish to sanitise and deoderise in your beauty salon, pre moistened wipes are safe and fit for the purpose. Put them to work on

  • Vinyl
  • Leather
  • Chrome
  • Rubber
  • Foam grips
  • Painted surfaces
  • Electronic displays

That means you can keep everything from your treatment beds and chairs to your booking computers and more in pristine condition.

Yet another allure that pre moistened wipes woo you with is exceptional user safety. You will not find anyone complaining of dry flaky skin when using these little beauties. Forget toxic transfer too as pre moistened wipes take diligent care of people and surfaces while spelling the end to grime, odor and bacteria. In true one-stop-shop style, AllFitness Solutions even offers helpful wall mounted dispensers so anyone can take a wipe as and when required.

Pick pre moistened wipes and your beauty salon will glow with newfound radiance. Speak to your one-stop-shop, AllFitness Solutions today or order online at .