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Pre moistened wipes join the cleaning party

Pre moistened wipes. These three little words are unlikely to be forgotten once you have experienced the product itself in action. Welcome the ultimate in convenience, ease and hygiene – all crucial elements of a successful facility. Pre moistened wipes tick all these boxes and more.

Put away those cumbersome liquid disinfectants and cleaning fluids. These have had their day. They served their purpose for a good while but now there are new higher performance players on the field. Pre moistened wipes are most certainly among those. Consider that pre moistened wipes eliminate the need for training and knowledge in hazardous liquid handling and application. Pre moistened wipes are called such because every wipe comes ready-saturated with exactly the amount of cleaning fluid you require. Goodbye over-application risks posed to people and equipment. Hello to swift effective cleaning at the hand of, well, absolutely anyone at all. Pre moistened wipes make it possible for everyone from facility visitor to loyal patron to take an active role in your cleaning strategy. Not only that, but courtesy of the extreme user-friendliness of pre-saturated wipes you are sure to find uptake high.

Whatever industry you are in, pre moistened wipes are sure to have a role to play. Right now, these marvellous innovations are being put powerfully to work in sectors as diverse as:

  • Day spas
  • Beauty salons
  • Fitness and health clubs
  • Dance, barre and yoga studio
  • Gyms and sports centres
  • Many more

Want to know one of the best accessories to pre moistened wipes? Think wall mounted dispensers that you can place wherever needed throughout your facility. That means pre moistened wipes and all their associated cleaning advantages are literally at fingertip reach, always.

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