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Premium cleaning products online

What are you looking for in cleaning products online? AllFitness Solutions brings you an end-to-end range of cleaning products online that tick these important boxes and more.

How about:

  • Lower inventory costs
  • Enhanced green cred
  • Stylish utility
  • Reduced cross-contamination by hand
  • Superlative robustness

This leading supplier brings you Athletix and Contec cleaning solutions online. Each product has been designed with modern business and exercise facility needs in mind – and road-tested by real owners and operators. So precisely what does AllFitness Solutions have in its bag of tricks? Now you can shop in the comfort of your own home or office thanks to the following line-up of cleaning products online:

  • Athletix Equipment cleaner wipes: a true star among cleaning products online. These snappy wipes offer simple single-hand operation. Staff, visitors or patrons can grab a wipe, sanitise equipment and eliminate sweaty odors within seconds.
  • Athletix Guide rod wipes: say goodbye to binding or chattering mechanisms on equipment. A swift one-step process is all it takes to clean and protect guide rods. No more guesswork either. Because every guide rod wipe is pre-saturated with just the right amount of lubricant. Get these superb wipe-based cleaning products online to clinch smooth seamless equipment operation
  • Athletix Disinfectant wipes: take a wipe, rub down any surface that needs disinfecting then bin the used wipe and get on with your day. Disinfecting diverse surfaces really is that simple
  • Contec alcohol-based and non-alcohol based hand sanitisers: hand hygiene has never been so handy. Now staff, patrons and visitors alike can simply take a squirt from the no-touch dispenser, rub hands together and voila. Almost 99.9% of common germs are obliterated. Order these hand cleaning products online in a jiffy. How handy is that?

Browsing cleaning products online? Or perhaps you are simply not sure where to start? Either way, hot-finger it to for your one-stop store of leading versatile cleaning products online.