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AFS Antibacterial Gym and Office Wipes

Alcohol-free, bleach-free, and o-phenol-free wipe that effectively disinfects exercise equipment and exercise facilities.

AFS Antibacterial wipes are a quick and convenient way for your employees to disinfect surfaces in your health club, fitness facility, spa or office. Premoistened and ready to use, the durable, disposable wipes are packaged 900 per roll in a portable dispenser bucket.

Most effective when used on hard non-porous surfaces, AFS Antibacterial Wipes are ideal for disinfecting athletic and gym equipment, cycling equipment, weights, yoga mats, fitness balls, benches, lockers and more. Our orthophenylphenol free wipes contain no ammonia, bleach or alcohol and are safe for most surfaces found in fitness facilities, offices and gyms including acrylic, chrome, rubber, vinyl, ceramic tile and fiberglass. Always read the product label and follow directions.


  • Disinfectants should be used by trained staff only because disinfectants require surface contact time to be effective. If the product is left out for public use, most patrons wipe and go without considering the time to kill the organisms. That equates to wasteful spending when products are not used properly.
  • Different spray techniques from patrons and staff can over apply disinfectants. Our presaturated wipes help to release the right amount of liquid on the targeted soiled areas.
AFS Antibacterial Gym and Office Wipes
Dimensions Equipment Cleaner Wipes Disinfectant Wipes, 20 x 14cm, preloaded bucket