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AFS Equipment Cleaner Wipes

AFS Equipment Cleaner wipes are non-alcohol based presaturated wipes.Tested by equipment manufacturers, health clubs, and wellness facilities, AFS Equipment Cleaning wipes are proven to be easy to use, effective and safe for vinyl, leather, chrome, foam grips, rubber, painted surfaces, metal and electronic displays.

AFS Equipment Cleaning wipes go beyond just cleaning—they also neutralize odors that tend to build up on soft surfaces. In addition, utilizing nanopolymer technology, they lay down a protective barrier against odor penetration.

All Fitness Solutions can also provide the Wall Mounted Dispensing Unit.

AFS Equipment Cleaner Wipes
Dimensions Equipment Cleaner Wipes 20 x 14cm, 1200 Wipes per Roll, 4 x Rolls per carton, (4800 Wipes total per carton)