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Professional product for cleaning your facility

Perusing product for cleaning your facility? AllFitness Solutions is your single end-to-end portal with a full line-up of solutions. One of the greatest things about our range is that it contains product for cleaning almost any business or facility you can throw at it. Benefiting from our innovative products are premises as diverse as:

  • Medical centres
  • Corporate offices
  • Call centres
  • Childcare centres and pre-schools
  • Yoga studios
  • Health clubs
  • Day spas
  • Gyms

Every facility of every kind has a hefty cleaning requirement. At AllFitness Solutions we have brought together an answer it every need. At your disposal you will find:

  • Equipment wipes: the perfect product for cleaning almost any surface known to man. Put equipment wipes to work on everything from vinyl, leather, chrome, foam grips, rubber, painted surfaces, metal, electronic displays and bench surfaces. The sheer agility of equipment wipes means they can be put convincingly to work in a great diversity of settings
  • Guide rod wipes: wherever there is a sliding mechanism, guide rod wipes are the perfect product for cleaning. Beauty and hairdressing chairs, fitness equipment, day spa and massage treatment beds: these are just a few ideas for inspiration as to where guide rod wipes can add value be eliminating binding or chattering mechanisms
  • Disinfectant wipes: swift one-and-you’re-done hygiene. Such is the brilliance of disinfectant wipes. This nifty invention spells an end to the need for specialist handling knowledge of product for cleaning. Every disinfectant wipes comes pre-saturated with the ideal amount of disinfectant. Staff or visitors alike can just grab a wipe, do a zippy clean-up and bin the used wipe
  • Alcohol-free cleaner spray: coming in a handy pack comprising purpose-made solution and a spray bottle, this is the ultimate product for cleaning away bacteria, dirt and odor from any surface you can imagine

Meet your one-stop-shop containing product for cleaning your business, no matter what its nature. Speak with AllFitness Solutions today.