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Say yes to the ultimate yoga mat cleaner

Yoga mat cleaner. The mere mention of these words is enough to get many feeling a whole lot less zen. Certainly yoga is a challenging yet revitalising and tranquil pursuit. Yet there is nothing serene about contemplating body odors, perspiration and other grimey off-shoots of physical exertion. Set your yoga-loving mind at ease though. Behold a yoga mat cleaner that vanishes exercise nasties in a trice: Athletix cleaning spray.

When it comes to dispensing with the dirtier side of yoga, Athletix cleaning spray really does tick all the boxes. This revolutionary yoga mat cleaner not only keeps your yoga space pristine clean but also keeps more money in your yoga tights pocket. That is because this smart cleaning spray comes hand in hand with a multi-use refillable bottle and custom packet of cleaning formula. It is just so easy and affordable to put this yoga mat cleaner to work.

Now of course budget-friendliness cannot be the only measure of yoga mat cleaner cred. Rest assured that Athletix cleaning spray is high performing across the board. Teaming gentle alcohol-free formulation with patented nano-polymer ‘invisible shield’ technology, this solution goes beyond being simply a yoga mat cleaner. Indeed, Athletix cleaning spray is safe and effective to use on almost every inch of your yoga studio including:

  • Benches
  • Doors and handles
  • Seats
  • Reception zones
  • Bathrooms and locker rooms
  • General surfaces

Looking for a yoga mat cleaner that offers something a bit more? How about a lot more? You will find what you are looking for in Athletix cleaning spray. There is no denying that sweat, nasty odors and contaminants like germs or bacteria are unwelcome ‘piggy backers’ that come along with yoga. Unfortunately these ‘gatecrashers’ can cause much trouble in your yoga studio with illnesses, poor hygiene and more. But not when you have Athletix cleaning spray on the job. Learn more about this premium yoga mat cleaner online at or order yours today.