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Say yes to yoga mat cleaning spray

Yoga mat cleaning spray will bring a sense of calm to your cleaning. No matter whether your cleaning task involves a yoga, barre or dance studio, you will find yoga mat cleaning spray is sure to satisfy. This versatile formula swipes away bacteria, viruses and bodily ‘grime’ with utmost ease and hospital grade hygiene. What more could you and your studio patrons wish for?

Yoga mat cleaning spray is actually rather deceptive in its name. Thanks to extreme compatibility with diverse surfaces, yoga mat cleaning spray is safe to use in vast variety of settings. Paint, tiles, foam, even electronic displays and much more. All can benefit from the immense effectiveness of yoga mat cleaning spray in deodorising and sanitising. Especially when you factor in the nano-polymer technology that comes part and parcel with your yoga mat cleaning spray. Carefully patented, this technology coats any sprayed surface with an automatic barrier against dust, odor and bacteria. That means you can put yoga mat cleaning spray to work on:

  • Yoga mats
  • Bolsters
  • Yoga belts
  • Pranayama pillows
  • Music players
  • Shared lockers
  • Change benches
  • Much more

Still another reason to say yes to yoga mat cleaning spray is its simplicity of use. You will receive a helpful little pack comprising a packet of solution and refillable spray canister. To get your yoga mat spray ready for action just tip the packaged solution into the canister, fill with water and you are ready to go. That means:

  • No specialist training or handling is required for use
  • No risk of damage to surfaces from yoga mat cleaning spray over-application
  • No threat to health or wellbeing of users thanks to kind alcohol-free formulation
  • No sizeable environmental footprint due to cleaning wipes cluttering landfill

Yoga mat cleaning spray will revolutionise cleaning of your yoga, barre or dance studio. You’ll find this spectacular product in the line-up for your one-stop cleaning shop, AllFitness Solutions. Simply pop onto or give us a call direct on 0405 193 699.