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Trounce germs with custom formulated gymwipes

Grime has had its time. Gym wipes usher in a new age of clean, hygienic and thoroughly sanitised exercise equipment. In fact, gymwipes can safely and effectively disinfect almost every nook and cranny of your workout centre. So why delay in putting the punch of gym wipes to work.

Cleanliness is next to success when it comes to gyms. So modern gym owners simply cannot afford to present a less then wholly sanitised facility. Fortunately there are a host of smart gymwipes that take the elbow grease out of exercise establishment and equipment cleaning. AllFitness Solutions helps you revolutionise your gym cleaning strategy with:

  • Equipment cleaner wipes: nothing gets grubbier faster than exercise equipment. Yet equipment cleaner wipes disappear body odor and bacteria in a blink. Best of all, staff and patrons alike can put equipment gymwipes to effective work anytime. So staff downtime and patrons’ workout delays are almost non-existent.
  • Disinfectant wipes: boasting convenient choice of alcohol-free, bleach-free, and o-phenol-free formulations. These disinfecting gymwipes can be used across a diverse range of surfaces and applications. Wherever you put these gym wipes to work, bacteria, germs and odor are things of the past
  • Guide road wipes: chattering guide rods speak to poorly maintained exercise equipment and intense user frustration. Specialist guide rod gymwipes ensure your facility never falls prey to such reputational and functional damage. Guide rod gym wipes enable all those key equipment sliding mechanisms to be meticulously cleaned after each use. So your maintenance outlay is slashed and so is cleaning downtime.

Giving the option of gym wipes to your patrons and staff shows your commitment to superlative service care. Yet it is not only your members and team who benefit from the power of gymwipes. You will enjoy:

  • Improved reputation and loyalty
  • Significantly reduced equipment maintenance and replacement costs
  • Greater facility hygiene and presentation

Speak to AllFitness Solutions today to get gymwipes working for you. Call 0405 194 699 or use AllFitness Solutions’ handy online contact form to get in touch.