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Wall mounted dispenser sanitizer at your fingertips

Hand dispenser sanitizer? What a marvelous feature for your exercise facility wall. Your staff and patrons will certainly think so. After all, what could be more appealing than obliterating 99.9 per cent of the most common germs – just by rubbing your hands together. A wall mounted dispenser with your choice of alcohol- or non-alcohol based sanitizer will make it all possible.

Everyone wins with a wall mounted dispenser

There is no getting away from it. Where there are workouts, there’s bacteria. Hands are one of the most common ‘taxis’ for germs and grime left over from gym patrons’ sweat sessions. Without proper hand hygiene, bacteria can spread like wild fire and patrons’ health can be compromised. Here is where a wall mounted dispenser can be your secret weapon in upholding health and wellbeing. Offering touch-free dispensing options, bacteria transfer is almost non-existent. Meanwhile users can render their hands practically germ-free in just 15 seconds. Now that is enough to get any health-conscious gym bunny rubbing their hands together in glee.

You get a choice of how to fill your wall mounted dispenser too. AllFitness Solutions offers two hand dispenser sanitizer options, being:

  • Contec foam hand sanitizer: packed with natural emollients to keep hands as soft as they are sanitary. A thorough clean is assured through clever foam formulation that leaves coverage of nails and cuticles clearly visible. Meanwhile you can keep budgeting firmly in hand. Because this hand dispenser sanitizer delivers 1,650 applications per cartridge
  • Contec alcohol-free hand sanitizer: irritant- and sting-free, this hand dispenser sanitizer really means business. Not only does it eradicate up to 99.9 per cent of common germs in mere seconds. Contec alcohol-free hand sanitizer also provides two to four hours worth of residual protection post-application. Again, you’ll squeeze 1,650 applications per cartridge into your wall mounted dispenser

Waterless hand dispenser sanitizer means no mess, no bacteria and no hassle

Wall mounted dispenser made to match

Branding distinguishes your exercise facility from competitors. Luckily AllFitness Solutions is likely to have a wall mounted dispenser that blends right in to your brand and interior colours. Our wall mounted dispensers come in a variety of colours, so you are sure to find a match.

Get your hot little hands on hand dispenser sanitizer, complemented to perfection by a touch-free wall mounted dispenser. You’ll boost user health, convenience and loyalty in this one inspired move. Speak to AllFitness Solutions today on 0405 193 699.