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New product: Athletix spray cleaner

It’s time for grime to cop a spray from the new kid on the block: Athletix spray cleaner. Brilliance really has been bottled here. Athletix spray cleaner extends the life of your fitness equipment while eliminating harmful chemical exposure for patrons and staff.

Think of Athletix spray cleaner as liquid lightening. In a flash you can rid your gym equipment of unpleasant body odours, sweat, skin-borne contaminants, mildew and much more. Not only that but Athletix spray cleaner lets you do all this without a care thanks to its:

  • Alcohol-free formulation: there is no gym surface to which Athletix spray cleaner is unfriendly. Being free of alcohol, this effective spray is safe to use on paint, electronic displays, leather, foam and so much more
  • Protective shield function: Athletix spray cleaner doesn’t just eliminate odor and dirt, it prevents them. Patented nano-polymer technology forms a barrier on your equipment. So those unwelcome smells and grubbiness are held staunchly at bay
  • Gentleness: hard on sweat, smelliness and grime though it is, Athletix spray cleaner is kind on skin. Users can apply the spray without experiencing skin irritation or dryness
  • Odorless: just as it keeps your gym equipment free from stinky pongs, Athletix spray cleaner is itself odor-free
  • Cost-efficient: Athletix spray cleaner comprises a refillable spray bottle and packets of cleaner that is mixed with normal water. That means you get multiple uses from the same bottle, lowering your carbon footprint and your cleaning product expenditure too
  • Oh so easy: tear your perforated cleaning packet, tip this into your spray bottle, fill with water up to the line marker then spray. It is as simple as that

Athletix spray cleaner is an absolute ace up your sleeve. Efficient, economical and easy – what gym or exercise facility could ask for more? Order your Athletix spray cleaner with AllFitness Solutions today.