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Welcome the wondrous wire floor stand

Athletix wire floor stand, you are a little slice of heaven. Incredible as it appears that such a seemingly simple accessory should have such a huge impact, a wire floor stand really does change the life of a bustling gym.

Gyms are busy places with busy people. To cater to the various exacting demands of patrons, every possible inch of floor and wall space actually needs to be workout space. Yet cleaning wipes also need to have their designated areas. Hence a conundrum arises: one that is effectively wiped out by the wire floor stand solution.

At a diminutive free-standing 33cm x 33 cm the wire floor stand takes up barely any room but certainly does not scrimp on effectiveness. Gym cleaning wipes are dispensed with ease. Meanwhile patrons are left feeling kindly towards the wire floor stand for dispensing these great tools rather than resentful that it is encroaching on their workout space.

Standing at just 102cm, the wire floor stand is as innocuous in height as in width. In fact, these dimensions place the wire floor stand at perfect wipe-grabbing height. One spot of the gym where workout bunnies will not raise a sweat is taking a cleaning wipe from the wire floor stand. They barely need to break stride in wiping over equipment or surfaces before resuming their workout.

Perhaps one of the greatest praises to be sung about the Athletix wire floor stand is its portability. You don’t need to have been pumping iron or building muscle to move the wire floor stand’s light 5lbs frame. This means it is ever so easy to shift the wire floor stand and its bounty of cleaning wipes wherever it is needed most in the gym. Pop it in the aerobics room during class time then move it through to the weights zone at peak hour. Better still, why stop with one wire floor stand when you have capacity enough to accommodate several?

Let the Athletix wire floor stand work its magic in your gym. Order yours at or speak to us direct on 0405 193 699 to learn more.