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Welcome to the world of wholesale cleaning products

Have you discovered wholesale cleaning products yet? If not, it is high time you did. Not only will your business budget that you but so will your staff, patrons, visitors and stakeholders. Wholesale cleaning products restore the ease and efficiency you thought had left your cleaning strategy forever. What is more, it has never been simpler to secure your full compliment of wholesale cleaning products. All Fitness Solutions is a one-stop-shop offering all wholesale cleaning products you could possibly need or imagine.

No industry can escape hefty cleaning demands. Bacteria, germs and viruses must be obliterated in order to maintain a healthy workforce and patron pool. Then of course there’s the grime, dust and odor your premises must contend with. No matter what your cleaning needs, leave it to All Fitness Solutions to personalise a wholesale cleaning products package matched to your individual requirements. Individualised solutions come part and parcel with our one-stop-shop service model.

Naturally every business regardless of industry is concerned with retaining as much working capital as possible. Here is another point on which wholesale cleaning solutions shine. AllFitness Solutions offers a range of attractive bulk buying discounts to cut down your overheads and cleaning procurement time. Wholesale cleaning products hand you longer re-ordering lead times too as you have plenty in reserve until your new stock comes. That means your cleaning never skips a beat.

So just what will you find in AllFitness Solutions’ wholesale cleaning products line-up? The answer is a full compliment of solutions including:

  • Pre-saturated cleaning wipes
  • Alcohol and non-alcohol based-hand sanitiser
  • Alcohol-free spray cleaner
  • Wall mounted and portable dispenser options

What is more, our wholesale cleaning products are predominantly characterised with

one-and-you’re-done and pre-saturation technologies. That means you just grab a wipe pre-moistened with exactly the right amount of cleaning fluid, wipe over the surface in question then bin the used wipe and get on with your day.

Welcome wholesale cleaning products into your cleaning arsenal today. Contact All Fitness Solutions on 0405 193 699 or visit