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What every gym cleaner should give

Gym cleaning presents a unique blend of sanitisation requirements unique to the exercise space. No business can escape odor, bacteria and grime in some form. Yet the very nature of gyms and workout zones means that these forces are in particular abundance within a gym. That means every gym cleaner needs to rise to the special occasion by ticking several key boxes.

First up, a true gym cleaner is incredibly versatile. That means you can put one gym cleaner to work on a vast array of gym surfaces. Think locker rooms, bathroom facilities, exercise equipment, beauty rooms, spas and saunas – the list goes on and on.

Secondly, a full range of gym cleaners is a big bonus. Certain considerations like sliding mechanisms on weight or workout equipment have much to gain from specialist treatment. Here is where AllFitness Solutions is sure to satisfy. Our comprehensive range gives you huge choice in gym cleaner spanning:

  • Alcohol-free cleaner spray
  • Equipment cleaner wipes
  • Guide rod wipes
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Choice of alcohol-free or alcohol-based hand sanitiser
  • Wall-mounted wipes and hand sanitiser dispensers

Safety is a crucial third consideration. Remember that despite the fact they may get the job done in eliminating nasties, old school liquid cleaning products come with their fair share of hazards. Staff commonly need specialist handling training to safely use liquid cleaners. Risks associated with cleaning fluids coming into contact with eyes or skin can be costly. Then of course there is the risk of over-application to surfaces necessitating emergency equipment maintenance or replacement. Wipes make a brilliant gym cleaner and AllFitness Solutions has an abundance of wipes that offer simple one-and-you’re-done technology.

Get the right gym cleaner for every ask. AllFitness Solutions has a comprehensive range of gym cleaners that is hard to beat. Visit to learn more or just call us. We are always happy to help you with any gym cleaner need.