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Wow: wholesale cleaning products

Wholesale cleaning products: now there are three little words that you need to follow up on. Seriously, it could change your business life.

No matter what industry you work in, cleaning is part of the daily grind. Even if you have cleaners who come in to do the lion’s share, you simply cannot escape contributing to cleaning upkeep throughout the day. Yes, even when you have a hundred more pressing things you could be doing. Fortunately All Fitness Solutions takes the sweat out of cleaning with a one-stop-shop solution encompassing a multi-industry cleaning range. Best yet, it won’t cost you crucial business capital or essential manpower to put these solutions to work. Because All Fitness Solutions offers wholesale cleaning products that keep money inside your business.

Try our bulk buying discounts on for size as a starting point. Our wholesale cleaning products benefit you when you purchase in bulk. Not only will you get more wholesale cleaning products for your buck, you will also get a much longer and more transparent re-ordering lead-time and appealing bulk discounts. As a business person, you already know that bulk buying is renown as a cost-savvy procurement practice. Because our wholesale cleaning products cover all bases, you can leverage bulk purchasing to run a smoothly oiled cleaning strategy.

Hygiene, cleanliness and smart presentation are lynchpins of good business – no matter what business that is. All Fitness Solutions does not offer a one-stop wholesale cleaning products shop at the expense of individualised service. Speak to our team and we will expertly tailor a cleaning products package matched to your specific needs.

Many of our wholesale cleaning products boasts pioneering one-and-you’re-done innovation and handy pre-saturation. That means you need no specialist handling or training, no messing about with liquid disinfectant and no longwinded cleaning processes. Instead you simply grab a wipe pre-saturated with precisely the amount of cleaning fluid required, spruce over the surface under inspection then bin the used wipe and get on with business. In our wholesale cleaning products line-up you will find:

  • Pre-saturated cleaning wipes
  • Alcohol and non-alcohol based-hand sanitizer
  • Alcohol-free spray cleaner
  • Wall mounted dispensers

Ready to enter the world of wholesale cleaning products? Contact All Fitness Solutions today.