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Yoga mat cleaner – bring back some zen

Need a yoga mat cleaner? Well this is going to be a lot easier than some of those more testing yoga poses. Now you can focus on helping others strengthen their cores and become enviably flexible and lithe. All without sweating the post-yoga class mat clean. Simply put Athletix cleaner spray to work for a cost-efficient and oh so effective clean. Best yet, this handy yoga mat cleaner is so versatile you can use it to clean almost any part of your yoga studio. Why limit such an amazing spray to serving as just a yoga mat cleaner when you can safely put it to work on:

  • Doors
  • Door handles
  • Reception zones
  • Bathrooms
  • Lockers
  • Much more

Yoga is unique workout in its own right. Yet yoga shares several common byproducts with any sort of exercise. Think perspiration, unpleasant odors and other bodily contaminants like germs or bacteria that linger long after the last stretch. These nasties take up residence on surfaces like yoga mats and other studio surfaces then proceed to wreak havoc. Unless of course they are dispatched with promptly and ruthlessly.  All you need to effect such a dispatch is a hard-hitting yoga mat cleaner. Athletix cleaner spray is the solution.

Any yoga mat cleaner needs to be gentle on surfaces but tough on nasties. Athletix cleaner spray answers this call with an innovative alcohol-free formulation. So it is compatible with almost any yoga studio surface you can image. Couple this with patented nano-polymer technology that forms an invisible shield on surfaces to lock out odors. What a fantastic element to include in a yoga mat cleaner. Poor yoga mats can wear a lot of sweat and physical exertion after all. By placing a protective barrier between body and mat, this smart Athletix yoga mat cleaner goes even further to solve the ‘smelly’ problem.

Perhaps one of the proudest boasts of Athletix cleaner spray is the economy it affords your yoga studio. As a multi-use refillable bottle, this yoga mat cleaner will save you plenty in cleaning sweat and cost. All you do is crack into your packet of custom-formulated solution, pour into your refillable spray canister and get cleaning.

Yearning for a seriously versatile yoga mat cleaner? Look no further than Athletix cleaner spray. Visit for more information or to order your champion yoga mat cleaner today.