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Your clever guide to cleaning supplies

Need cleaning supplies? Get yourself the smart solution. Buy all your cleaning supplies in bulk from a reputable quality-focussed provider like AllFitness Solutions. We answer all your cleaning supplies needs under one roof. Cleaning wipes, disinfectant wipes, sprays and handy dispensers with no-touch options – we have them all and you can buy in bulk.

Every AllFitness Solutions product boasts a gentle formula that is stern on germs yet gentle on skin plus oh-so-safe to use. Our range is purpose-designed for safe effective use by everyone. That means no specialist training or handling is required. Our cleaning wipes come pre-saturated and our sprays are formulated to prevent damage to surface or skin.

Meanwhile, with pioneering multi-use innovation you can put your cleaning supplies to work on a vast range of tasks, surfaces and applications. It really does not matter what organisation or facility your cleaning supplies will be used in. With hard-hitting custom formulation, you are assured a top result in everything from:

  • Gyms and exercise facilities
  • Day spas
  • Corporate offices
  • Yoga studios
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Much more

Just as well AllFitness Solutions cleaning supplies are so adaptable and hardworking. No matter what your business, cleaning requirements are always a constant. That is why buying your cleaning supplies in bulk can be so helpful. For a start you can rest assured of a ready supply of sanitising resources. But you will also:

  • Pay less per unit
  • Enhance reputation
  • Improve premises presentation
  • Added convenience in cleaning supplies replenishment
  • Reduced environmental impact by saving on labeling and packaging

Slash your overheads and reap numerous additional conveniences to boot. Buy your cleaning supplies in bulk through AllFitness Solutions. We have every product you could possibly need from handy ‘one-and-you’re-done’ cleaning wipes to alcohol or non-alcohol based hand sanitizer. Get your free cleaning supplies quote today. Call us on 0405 193 699 or visit